Friday, February 25, 2011

stori - mowri

you know what guys.
before this our office was based at menara tan&tan, jalan tun razak.
wah, i really love the food at the cafe.
all the food were very light and less oil.
i even gain weight because i never missed soru everyday lor.

and now, we moved to puchong area since dec 09'.
haiya, i missed the food at tan&tan lah.
but there was one kedai makan near to our office called penang passion.
chinese style food.
aiya, everyday went there.
gain weight again.
then, suddenly after raya eidulfitri r, the kedai never open one.
aiyo, suddenly, the kedai change to another name.
what? org lain rental-kah?

ala, i missed the food, mana mau cari itu auntie?
but at least, guess what? the kedai tutup, my appetite gone. at least i can keep watching on my weight lah.


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