Friday, February 25, 2011


if at office,

i always use word perempuan.
and i guess they are all ok with the word.

the conversation goes like.

perempuan, you nak makan mana?
perempuan, dtg tempat i kejap.
perempuan, you tau tak ini mcmn.

when i talk to someone else in office;
oh, nanti i double confirm dengan perempuan tu.

or even;

perempuan, you tau tak, tadi kan bla3..

and today, guess what happened;

soon came to m workstation asking me to check invoice, dia buat betul or not.
i called sophie; perempuan...

then Soon berpaling kat i, soon cakap: apa lagi you mau?
mona: eh, i x panggil u la.
soon: tadi you cakap perempuan?
mona: le, i call sophie, not u.
soon: lor, i bukan pelempun meh? u kata sophie saja pelempuan meh?

3 of us were like, gosh! now someone else guna perempuan jugak.

tp certain people maybe tak suka used the word perempuan, but as for me, we call perempuan in very soft way.
memang hasilnya panggilan tu jadi lembut sangat BAH..


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