Monday, February 28, 2011

Cover Letter

Dear Director,

My name is xxx, and I'm now working with xxx.

I had browsed the information of xxx in xxx and I have an interest to develop my career in xxx as one of the talented executive for above mentioned position. However, if it is already occupied, I appreciate if you could recommend any place for me that is relevant with my current task.

I wish to gain more knowledge in xxx and I do hope my career growth with xxx will fruitful us in the future.

For more information regards of my previous and current job description, please see attached CV. I will be happy if I get any news from your side regardless of accepted or rejected. Keep in touch and happy working!

phone no.

author: kak mona
msg: ini kak mona dah shoot to one of BOD. hamik kau BOD terus mak serang.
dapat tak dapat, itu belakang kira.

feel free to copy, tapi must suit in with what you gonna brief about urself.
above outline sesuai utk org yg sedang bekerja di satu tempat tapi nak tukar to new place.

untuk fresh grade, awak kenala brief sikit psl study course awak tu ok.

this is title cover letter, masa dulu, org semua akan attached cover letter and CV kan? x payah buat mcm tu.

all isi above korang put in kotak mail tu je. the only bende yg adik2 attached is CV sahaja.

noks, kadang2 org yg view korang nye resume, takde maknenye dia nak print byk2 kali ok syg.

sekian from kak mona.

good luck!

salam syg,