Monday, February 14, 2011


kalau di ofis, sy rs sy sgt garang dan keras.
once i hit pms. it will become highly emotional due to hormon imbalance.
when thommo left, i was in pms and i was crying when he told me he's leaving and today when sophie told me that cp tender his resignation, i also feel like crying. but i did hold, because i need to talk to client on the phone.

i hate this feeling of losing great people in my career life. i'm not that brilliant which i believe i always need their guidance. i do not feel like moving on to new company because i think there are still a lot for me to learn. real huge responsibility waiting for me everytime i step in office in morning.
and guess what, even my tears dropped when i was typing email etc. it is such heavy burden for me to get all works done within given timeline.

alangkah indah kalau bersuami kaya? no syg. it is not, this is the path that ALLAH creates for you. I have faith for what ALLAH gave me..

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