Friday, February 25, 2011

plan and activity

today is friday.
nothing much i do tonight.
just workout at gym.
them get back home lor.
and duduk atas katil update story lor.

esok plan pegi gym lagi, sbb ada workout regime at 4pm.
tgkla kalau jadi.
plus, in morning need to do shopping therapy at workshop. for my kancil la, not for me, uwa!

then sabtu mlm kt tgk tv sambil do ironing for 2 weeks.
the next sunday, disaster begin. musti;

1) siapkan proposal untuk bokor!
2) costing untuk cpoc!
3) check post job report untuk tembungo platform!
3) construct email and keep in draft box so on monday morning boleh shoot to people!

macam byk je..huk..
ade sape nak tolong tak?

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