Friday, February 25, 2011

advice from x-boss and x-boss story

i was man for exhibition title sand management
it organized by production dept from one of biggest company in Malaysia

our booth just next to B. kak ti was person in charge for B company.
then i did asked her what her job responsibility.
and we started to share experience, knowledge, etc.
then, i ask her any opportunity for me to be with her company.

kak ti: what actually you are doing in C?
mona: well, my job task is bla3........................................a very long story to go =D
kak ti: oh, you should try your luck with us. there will be so many oppurtunity
mona: i really wanna move to new company, but i think there are a lot of things i need to learn from C.
kak ti: well, gv urself a try with us.

then rupa2nya kak ti told his manager about me. then the manager told kak ti; ask the girl to drop her resume.

when kak ti told me, i was like..fiuuuhhh....

guys, work equals to money. many job means more money. wing wing $$$$.

after exhibition end; i emailed by x-boss asking his opinion. he encouraged me to go ok.

well....haiya, it is very hard to make decision. ex-boss even say: no harm to try amalina. just send your cv to them and let's see what they say.

huk..i was asking my boss;

boss..xde ke vacancy at your place? if you want me to be secretary pun, xpela boss as long as amalina work under you. boss decrease amalina's salary pun, amalina tak kesah boss. i even kena screw up; eh, ape cik A ni, Cik A tak boleh buat secretarial work, Cik A kena buat kerja macam technical sales/qa just like Cik A buat sekarang but more expand. tak boleh jadi secretary. - u imagin mamat UK speak malay so fluently ok. tiptop.

gila adore kat boss sendiri (kau nak mati, dia dah ada bini)
well, adore in terms of; because he is very inspired person punya.
standing next to him you can get the aura working spirit.
habis tu, xkan xnak grab the chance to be working under him. betul?
not so many boss mcm dia tau. seriously. let me share with you some story.

when i first join the company he asked me to travel to labuan:

masa nak pergi tu:
Boss: Amalina ada duit tak nak pergi sana.
i was what? no boss cares too much like him. and i was:
oh ade boss ade, duit gaji hari tu ada lagi.

then another chapter happened:

he ask me to go to kemaman base.
Boss: amalina nak pergi sana mcmn?
amalina: pinjam kereta kakak (that time i was using kancil, kalau guna kancil definitely on my way to kemaman, kereta akan tebelah 2 =D
Boss: kakak ok x? then kakak pegi keje mcmn tu?
amalina: dia jalan kaki boss, her rumah to office very dekat.
Boss: eh, jangan susahkan kakak, amalina amik kereta saya, jangan susahkan kakak.
kereta sy, sy x pakai pun.

kalau korang dpt boss mcmni baik nak mampus, how you feel?

ini belum lagi part:

- kalau sape-sape marah amalina, bg tahu saya.
- saya tak suka org tua tu kacau amalina,amalina kan under saya, bukan under dia.


belum lagi part:

amalina: boss, hr ni amalina balik awal boleh, ade appointment gigi. nak kena ketatkan braces.

boss: hei, mestilah, pergi balik awal. nanti kalau gigi tu jatuh, macammana? kah3!!

and Boss itu siapa?

he used to be as back bone of the company..and all of us lost in darkness since he left. (just to explain how much we really need him)

soon, if someone who reads this story going to work under him. u know what, u are most chosen and lucky person that should thank god for sending this Boss to your life.

fuuh...god knows what is the best.

we need him back to US, i really mean it!

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