Friday, February 10, 2012

i was waiting at workshop one day.

there was a young man waiting his car fixed as well.
i felt quite boring so i get closer to him and we talked.

i spotted at his car plat - there were few corak on it.
so i asked: are you buddhist
he said yes, how do you know.

it was the design that captured my eyes; my buddhist friend told me so before.
young man: oic
mon: what is the relation of the corak with your agama
young man: actually it depends on 'guru' that you learned or believe, different guru will come out with different corak
mon: m, interesting
young man: having this on carplat could avoid someone's from bad luck such accident etc. it is also belief to "call the money"

mon: oh-ho, ic.

he then suddenly talked about islam with me saying that he got a lot of muslims friend and don't mind to convert if he one day will marry to muslim girl. he also mentioned he has one uncle convert to islam as well.

young man: tapi i tengok dia x solat pun. he only perform prayer on friday.
mon: you know why?

young man: i got no idea.
mon: he convert to islam because of someone's else, not because of Allah
young man: i dont see anything wrong of not sembahyang pun.
mon: there is no point of convert to islam but you not practise the way to be good muslims, correct?

if one day you have to convert, do it because of Allah. not because of someone else.
if you do it because of someone's else, you can't see the beautiful of islam.
you cannot see the miracle of belief that you are holding on, betul tak?

young man: betul juga tu.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

saya berdebar.
part of myself i think it will be definitely approve by embassy.
part of it i felt it gonna be delay.

but overall, i still pray that i will be depart on 21st feb.

Ya Rabb, make it happen.
I want to feel you love.
I want to stare at your baitullah.
So, please let me go.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Runtuhnya Sebuah Dosa

Inilah maksud saya.
Dengan apa yang saya katakan.

"anak-anak adalah 'apa' yang ibu bapa tinggalkan.

Jika Islam yang diajari pada anak-anak.
Islam lah yang akan anak-anak bawa walaupun selepas kematian ibu bapa.

Islam dan Iman takkan hilang di hati.
Baru senang duniawi ukhrawi.

Bukan senang mahu patuh, mahu taat.
Pujuk hati, lama-lama mahulah dia ikut apa yang akal kata.


Friday, February 3, 2012

it is ok baby.
things will be fine.

come, we hug..