Saturday, August 6, 2011

one day my dad called while i was at workplace.
he advice me to wakeup midnight and perform prayer.

indirectly, i understand that he really wants e to get married.
then i told him. of course i will pray for me and i hope that you can perform the prayer on my behalf also dad.

he said of course i pray all the time for you.

then suddenly today what happen is, i just paid the zakat fitrah late evening.

after came back from terawih i text him: salam bah, i already paid the zakat this petang.

he replied saying that. ok, dah jelas you paid for that. btw, i already perform qiamullai, sunat hajat etc for you.

Me: oh, terima kasih byk2. Hope o get married next year in January. I want someone take care of me. So you and mom less worries.

Father: Insyaallah, with God's will.

Me: Tq father and good night. sweet dream.

oh what the heck. the the emotion is in front of my head now.

Tuhan, sampaikah salam itu pada jodoh aku, datangkan dia dekat pada aku, aku mohon.

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