Wednesday, March 2, 2011

yang aku wase, tapi kowang tak wase

aku wase report lain lagi penting kot berbanding report ni.
lantak la;

1. Introduction
I had attended the course title “Mastering The Powerful Presentation Skills” on 28th Feb 2011 - 1st March 2011. This report outlines the summary of course.

2. Objective
a) To ensure that participants able to talk in front of people without any fear (standing position).
b) To educate participants on upgrade their skills in delivering presentation.

3. Lesson learned
a) The way to perform presentation and also persuasion toward client, colleagues or boss.
b) The way to convincing people by using project/case study basis.
c) The way to talk with enthusiasm and sincerity. Even loud voice will be lost to sincerity.
d) Use simple and clear words, how to project suitable voice intonation, and also use the gesture of hand and eye contact which gives impact at 55%.
e) Do not say bad things about other’s business. Plus, give a good view on their product instead.
f) Inspire them and let the presentation be something valuable and meaningful to them; do not make presentation as for their meeting.
g) Slide presentation to be less wordy and colourful. Minimize the content, and only concentrate to the main point. Other content can be elaborate during oresentation.
h) How to overcome the fear and nervousness.

4. Closing
I recommend this course to colleagues as Casey Tee is one of Malaysia’s most dynamic and inspiring public speaker since 1985. Participant will be easily attracted to him due to his way of presentation and the knowledge sharing. The lectures were very enjoyable.

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2nd March 2011, Tuesday

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