Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Interest

starting this year. seriously asyik membusykan diri je. pegi sana, pegi sini, join event run semua, just nak make myself busy and fully occupied. so that tak rasa bosan and boring.

well, things happened for reason kan.
i kept telling myself, only God knows what the best for me. isn't?

when my life changed, my thinking towards every single thing turut sama berubah.
sometime, i even found it is very hard to talk to people. and if i think we have totally different view, i decided myself to shut up.

i just listen to them.

when you staying alone (i mean so-called single kan) you only feel happy when you be with your people. other than that, bila balik kerumah da start feel a bit (i repeat; a bit)

i'm thinking to adopt one child for myself. teehe, but it would not be that easy thou. in terms of financial, i don't think i'm so strong to raise her.

well, looking forward. i'm very strong enough to stand on my own feet.

tru some activities that i'm now with, ramai orang kot kita boleh kenal, borak, bertukar pendapat semua. and they are all just fun. some of them could turn out to be our real good and best friend. those who are not, just leave them behind. well said, bravo!

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